If You have struggled to make changes in your life...

It is all due to lack of Positive Reinforcement.

Your Pocket Guru easily solves this problem!

(First-of-its-kind self-help software!)

In your search for personal development you've invested time, effort and money in numerous self-help events. You've attending seminars, joined online webcasts, read self-help books even watched "The Secret". You felt motivated, took notes, highlighted and posted your inspirational messages thinking each time, "this will change my life". You have done your best to soak it all in, but the truth is you can only retain a small percentage of this life-altering material you once found so profound. It's only a matter of time until the motivation and inspiration begin to dwindle.

Your POCKET GURU is the solution that will facilitate positive change in your life.

Continual Positive Reinforcement is the Key!
The experts agree, the most effective changes happen through remembering, repetition and reminding yourself often enough that it reprograms your thinking until physically, your desired changes and set intentions, become a natural way of being. Radical change manifests when knowledge gets structured in our consciousness and is brought to the forefront of our awareness. The Guru makes it easy for anyone to be dedicated toward personal growth and essentially makes it possible to take mini virtual vacations often throughout your day. The powerful effectiveness of these brief positive moments is that they break up your daily routine with inspired messages just when you need them. You will find yourself happier, while you are looking forward to the next bit of your Guru's wisdom.

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I was out with some friends when my Pocket Guru kept going off and they asked, "who is texting you?". I answered, "The Pocket Guru." The best way I could describe it to them was, "Its a cool app on my phone that sends me inspirational messages that have put me in this happy, Christmas-like spirit all the time now."
- Rob, Arizona




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Pocket Guru Features

Consistent reminders produce the results you want
Comes pre-programmed with 150 messages
Schedule timed reminders to go off throughout the day
Easy to use

Pocket Guru Patent Pending # US61/381,596